Saturday, April 15, 2017

Easter Memories

Happy Easter!
I created this collage today.
It's a fun thing to do with old photographs.
I confess I don't remember this Easter. It was shortly before Leona was born in May that year.
I loved the dress my Mom bought for me. It was pale blue, with hand embroidered birds.
I assume I was crying in the picture above because I wanted to eat the chocolate bunny.

The professional photo, now faded, was taken in January 1962. I believe the dress was purchased at Helen's Dress Shop on Hastings in Burnaby BC.
It was a beautiful dress. I still have it.
Although I can't remember this Easter, I do have happy memories of other Easter times. It's my favourite season in the whole year.
Enjoy your old photos, and have fun with them!

By Loretta (Williams) Houben