Saturday, July 16, 2016

Visiting your ancestors in cemeteries.

There are a few graves I haven't visited yet, and hope to remedy it soon.
One is the un-marked grave of my great grandmother, FLORENCE MAY (BELLAMY) PALMER.
She is buried in Humboldt, Saskatchewan, many miles from here.
Recently I had asked my Williams/Palmer Facebook group members if they would consider making a money contribution towards getting a grave marker installed on Florence's grave.
Many agreed, and so they sent me generous cheques for $50 each and I quickly had enough to send to  Forever Memorials in St. Front, SK, who have made a monument and will be installing it later in July. I think it's thrilling that Florence will have a name and date at last!
The marker will be black granite and state:
Nov 20, 1883 - Jun 20, 1931
When I visit her grave I will put the vase and roses on it, along with her framed photo, and take many pictures. She is the only one of our family in Humboldt Cemetery.

Another grave I haven't yet seen is in Bigstone Cemetery in Spalding SK.
That belongs to my paternal grandpa's first wife, ELLEN (EGERTON) WILLIAMS, known as Nellie. She was buried with many other people with one large grave stone.
Her name is "Mrs. John Williams" with the date 1926 on the grave.
I blogged about discovering her grave online, HERE. I've learned so much more about here since that time! I'd love to write a book about her and her adventures in Canada.
Although it's sad she died, I'm so glad she did, as I wouldn't be here if she had lived.
Just think about it....

By Loretta (Williams) Houben