Wednesday, March 2, 2016

1939 National Register for England and Wales

I subscribe to FindMyPast online, a really good site indeed.
Recently they released files for the 1939 National Register for England and Wales.
Everyone was accounted for on Sept 29, 1939; over 41 million people.
Because there was no census taken in the 1940's, and the one in the 1920's was accidentally burned during WW II, there are no other records like this unless you go back to the 1911 census. So the 1939 Register is a great way to find out about your relatives living at that time. 

I looked up Robert David Williams (my paternal grandpa's brother) and found him living at 47 Fronfawr in Merioneth, Festiniog, Wales, with his wife Rose, and son William Frederick. Their dates of birth and their occupations are listed. There are other members of the family but they are blocked out as they were all still living in 1991, the cut off date. If any family members die afterwards, you must submit a copy of their death certificates to see their record. That's one of the firm rules.

I find it very interesting that this is now available, never having learned about it until recently. My grandpa, John Williams, was living in Saskatchewan at this time, and his sister, Elizabeth or Eleanor, (not sure which name she was known by) may have been living but I don't know her married name, so I'm unable to find her. 

47 Fron Fawr in Festiniog, Google Maps 2016.

47 Fron Fawr in Festiniog, Google Maps 2016.

By Loretta Williams Houben

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