Tuesday, September 29, 2015

My great grandparent's marriage certificate.

I am quite excited! I'm nearly 100% sure this is my paternal great grandparents, Joseph and Elizabeth Williams. I had found them listed online a few years ago, and double checked the names and information, and the ages. I also asked my genealogy group that I meet with once a month downtown if this would be them, and based on all the information, they said yes.
It turns out I didn't need to mail away for the copy, I just filled everything out online!

It began with a bit of detective work.
FreeBMD is a fantastic site. I discovered it quite a few years ago.
Just click on the link and use it for yourself.
Of course, this doesn't show you the actual certificates, as they are not digitized. 

North Wales BMD provided more clues. 

To verify all that I'd discovered, I clinched it by finding the information on FindMyPast
That is a marvelous site which I've been enjoying using all year.
Finally I ordered online from the general register office in Great Britain.
It was extremely easy to do. I ordered it on Sept 11, and it arrived on Sept 23.

The above is a close up of the copied part of the marriage certificate.
It states that Joseph is 30 years old, a bachelor, and his profession is "slate labourer". He was living in Dolgarregddu, Festiniog at the time of the marriage. The certificate is signed in the presence of John Williams, which I assume is his father.
Elizabeth's maiden name is Roberts, which I already knew, and she is 26, and a spinster, also living in Dolgarregddu at the time of the marriage. Her father's name is John Roberts. A witness is Mary Jane Roberts which may be her mother.
The date of the marriage is August 3, 1883.

The marriage took place on a Friday.
How I wish I had a photo of the young couple!
To date, I haven't un-earthed any photos of them at all.
But this is quite exciting news, and I'm thrilled I'm now a "real" genealogist.
By Loretta Williams Houben

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