Wednesday, April 13, 2016

1881 Welsh Census showing Roberts Family in Ffestiniog, North Wales

Ancestry UK had the censuses available for free searching today.
So once again I hunted for my elusive ancestors.
I think I finally found Elizabeth ROBERTS living in Ffestiniog, North Wales on Dolgarregddu Street.
On her wedding certificate she is listed as living on Dolgarregddu street which was two years later than this date, and her father is listed as John Roberts, quarryman, and that's his name and occupation on this census, so I think this is a correct guess.

Here is a closer copy of the names:
John Roberts, head, age 54, quarry man, born in Capel Currig, Caernarvonshire. (about 1827)
Mary Roberts, wife, age 56, born in Bala, Merionethsire. (about 1825)
Elizabeth Roberts, daughter, age 24, domestic servant, born in Portmadoc, Caernarvonshire. (about 1857)
John Roberts, son, age 14, quarry man, born in Festiniog, Merionethshire. (about 1867)

A close up of the Roberts family.
I wonder who little Lambert Price was?

Ancestry's print out.
So this is a great feeling of accomplishment!
You never know what you'll find when you methodically search through the records.
I'll add the names of John and Mary to Elizabeth's family tree!
Elizabeth Roberts married my great grandfather, Joseph Williams, on August 3, 1883.
By Loretta Williams Houben

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