Friday, April 15, 2016

I've found William Williams on the 1911 Welsh Census!!!!

I just had to add this to my blog tonight!
I was browsing Findmypast records.
They sent me a Hint for Ellen Roberts, so I checked it out.
While staring at the 1911 Welsh census, trying to figure out if the word "nai" meant "nephew" in English, and what did "pentelue" mean in English, I decided to check them out in a Welsh English dictionary online. My heart nearly stopped beating as it dawned on me that this was indeed, my great uncle William, THE William; and his aunt, Ellen Roberts, the same aunt which the RWF wrote to in the newspaper to inform her of her nephew's death!
(penteulu means head of household)

What helped to clinch it was the fact that Ellen Roberts was living at Dolgarregddu Street in Ffestiniog; the same place the ROBERTS lived at in the 1871 census, and the same place which Ellen lived at when the RWF sent her the letter about William.
The address isn't shown on the handwritten form, but shows on the transcribed form.
The original forms before and after Ellen's form are all listed as living at Dolgarregddu Street.

I was so excited when I realized this that I nearly fell off my chair.
I stared at William's age (18) and realized that he wasn't born in 1898 after all; he was born in 1893.
And he wasn't 19 when he died in 1917; he was 24.
For some reason I was so happy he was 5 years older!
Then I thought; why did I assume he was 19?
It was because my Grandma always said he was 19 when he died, but he wasn't!

And so this 1901 Welsh census I had found a few years ago is correct!
It shows Robert David (age 11) and little Willie (age 8) living as boarders on a farm in Talsarnau, the same area which John Griffith (my grandpa) was also living age 13 as a cattle hand.
(see below)
I also just realized that this 1901 census was filled out by the same person, and the above info on Robert and Willie is on page 4, while the info on John below is on page 14!

This is thrilling so I just had to add it here tonight.
What a day for research!

By Loretta (Williams) Houben

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